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By Victoria Noakes Nov 25, 2015

In Design: Herdwick Dot Carpet, Robyn Hinchcliffe

London-based home textile product designer Robyn Hinchcliffe’s Herdwick Dot Carpet is inspired by the soft geometry of agricultural landscapes.

“The inspiration behind this piece is the way we control and constrict nature within our increasingly built environment – maintaining and restricting nature to grow into very organised, geometric patterns of relief," she says.

“Designed on a traditional, hand-operated, industrial knitting machine, the Herdwick Dot Carpet challenges the more traditional aesthetics of knit. Using a combination of both machine knitting and hand-weaving techniques, the carpet is both a distinctive and inviting textile for the home, with a playful depth of pattern and texture.

“I have controlled areas of raised and flat textures within the knitted fabric structure, creating geometric patterns with a soft embossed aesthetic.”

Robyn received a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from Manchester Metropolitan University, then a BA (Hons) in Textile Design from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, specialising in knit. She was the winner of the One Year On Award at New Designers 2015.

“I like to create playful and intriguing fabrics that people can’t help but touch,” she concludes.

This article was published in the October issue of Furniture News magazine.

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