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Gearing Media Group is a long-standing and successful business to business publisher with a proven track-record of delivering practical business information to targeted readerships, whilst delivering a high-performance marketing platform for advertisers and sponsors.

Starting out

In the early 1980s, Nigel Gearing cut his teeth working with antiques experts Judith and Martin Miller, of Millers' Antiques Guide fame. In 1986, Pine News International was launched, at an embryonic time for that industry. Pine News International established itself as part of the fabric of the burgeoning pine furniture industry during the late 1980s and into the 1990s. In 1993, the company launched a new publication for furniture and joinery manufacturers, in the shape of Furniture Production.

Adapting to a new market

In 2001, as the pine furniture market matured, Pine News evolved into Furniture News to more accurately mirror the development of the industry away from pine to other species such as oak, and an industry more readily engaged with the global interiors marketplace. At this time, Furniture News also ventured into upholstery, bedding and decorative accessories, engaging a mass, non-niche audience for the first time. Thanks to the continued hard work of the team, both Furniture News (www.furniturenews.net) and Furniture Production (now owned by Media66) remain at the pinnacle of their respective fields and enjoy a class-leading following of loyal readers and advertisers who value the clarity and consistency of the titles and the value they add to their businesses.


In 2009, the company added the Hospitality Interiors title to its portfolio, and whilst again focusing on interiors products, the hospitality audience welcomed our consistent and even-handed approach. The magazine supported the Hospitality Leadership and Design Conference (HLDC), a string of exclusive international events for top sector professionals, before the portfolio's sale to Lewis Media in 2023.

The company has also successfully invested into the digitisation of its portfolio with content-rich websites and online versions of its magazines.

The Future

Today, the media industry faces new challenges, in a tougher than ever trading environment. As the world fully engages with the internet and the opportunities of new mobile platforms, new communication channels, new marketing techniques and new expectations, the readership and the marketing and advertising communities expect far more than ever before. Gearing Media Group remains resolute in its desire to add value to its advertisers' and sponsors' businesses as well as providing premium and mass-audience communication channels to the entire supply chain. The company continues to develop other media and marketing platforms to fully realise the potential of its strong brands.


In short, Gearing Media Group is in the communications business, be that in traditional print, online, mobile, social networking, events and whatever else follows - we are more than just an experienced publisher with firm foundations, we are a proactive, creative multi-media organisation with a desire to create successful platforms with new media opportunities.

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