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By Furniture News May 20, 2019

Design Guild Mark 2019 holders announced

The Design Guild Mark is awarded by The Furniture Makers’ Company, the City of London livery company and charity for the furnishing industry, in order to drive excellence and raise the profile of British design and innovation. 

Now in its 11th year, the mark recognises the highest standards in the design of furnishings in volume production by some of the finest designers working in Britain, or British designers working abroad. This year, 22 designs from the furniture and 2D categories, representing the domestic and contract markets, have been awarded the Design Guild Mark.

Rodney McMahon, chairman of the Design Guild Mark, comments: “The variety and quality of designs applying for the Design Guild Mark always makes for an interesting judging day and, this year, we were pleased to meet many new designers and companies willing to put themselves forward. The insights of our judges, and the challenging questions that they pose, ensure that the award of a Design Guild Mark is something to which to aspire.” 

The 2019 Design Guild Mark furniture recipients are as follows: the Ori Guest Bed, designed by Catherine Aitken and manufactured by Another Country (DGM 212 ); Oran, designed by Mark Gabbertas for Allermuir (DGM 213); the William Lounge Chair and Ottoman, designed by Mark Gabbertas for Gloster Furniture (DGM 214); the Oxbow Lounge Chair, designed by Namon Gaston & Peter Holmes for Namon Gaston & Peter Holmes (DGM 215); Bob, designed by Paul Kelley for Bisley (DGM 216); Panel, designed by Lucy Kurrein for Capdell (DGM 217); Rock, designed by Yorgo Lykouria/Rainlight for Allsteel (DGM 218); Isla, designed by Tom Potts for Lyndon (DGM 219); Barrel, designed by Philippe Malouin for SCP (DGM 220); the Bure Collection, designed by Steven Owens for &Bespoke (DGM 221); the Newson Aluminum Chair, designed by Marc Newson for Knoll International (DGM 222); the Object Collection, designed by Jonathan Prestwich for OPM Furniture (DGM 223); the S-Range Dining Chair, designed by John and Sylvia Reid for Nathan Furniture (DGM 224); WW Armchair CS3, designed by Alejandro Villarreal for Hayche (DGM 225); and the Latis Collection, designed by Samuel Wilkinson for The Conran Shop (DGM 226).

The 2D recipients were: Mosaico, designed by Another Brand for Another Brand in Partnership with Qualita (DGM 227); Aalya, designed by Gary Bridge for Axminster Carpets (DGM 228); Corian Solid Surface with Resilience Technology, designed by CD (UK) for CD (UK) (DGM 229); That’s Caffeine, designed by Atticus Durnell for Atticus Durnell (DGM 230); Artistic Liberties, designed by Claire Kimble and Helen Lloyd for Milliken (DGM 231); Quirky B, Alternative Flooring with Liberty Fabrics, designed by Liberty Fabrics with Alternative Flooring for Alternative Flooring (DGM 232); and Igneous, designed by Nathan Philpott and Jemma Ooi for Custhom Design (DGM 233). 

The Design Guild Mark is judged by a panel of leading industry professionals. Each member of the panel is from the furniture, hospitality, commercial, retail, or media industry, and the judges must ensure that each submission meets the criteria of excellence in design, materials, manufacture, and function. 

Chaired by Rodney McMahon, this year’s furniture panel consisted of Simon Alderson, Helen Berresford, Joanna Biggs, Elliott Koehler, Jeremy Myerson, Tom Pearce, Campbell Thompson and Terence Woodgate. The 2D panel comprised Linzi Coppick, Daniel Hopwood, Clare Johnston, Natasha Marshall, Corinne Pringle and Peter Thwaites.

Pictured: DGM 212 – the Ori Guest Bed, designed by Catherine Aitken for Another Country

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