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By Sam King Jul 31, 2023

Six tips for doubling sales

Would you like to double your sales (with half the stress) in just two years or less? Here, award-winning sales trainer and bestselling author Sam King shares six techniques and strategies that he says will guarantee business growth …

1. The perfect meet and greet

“Hi guys, are you just looking, or are you after something in particular?”

This greeting completely disarms the objection and puts the customer on the back foot. Most often, people will reveal and explain what they are looking for. As a salesperson, you should then delve into their ‘why’, finding out as much as you can without being pushy.

2. Understand their ‘why’

By unravelling your customers’ ‘why’ when they’re interested in a particular product, you’ll start to understand their way of thinking and be able to offer more products that may be a better fit (based on your expertise). Not only this, but your customer will appreciate the time you’re giving them and see you as even more of an authority figure. This only strengthens your rapport with them, increasing the chances of making a sale.

3. Address the hesitation 

Always address the hesitation before closing the deal.

You know – you’ve been in the scenario before. The deal is right there, you can almost sniff it out, but something is just … off.

Never close at this point. If you do, you run the risk of coming across as hard nosed and pushy, and not taking into consideration the feelings of your customers and clients. Instead, say to your customer, “You seem a little hesitant …”

This gives your customer an opening in which to reveal their thoughts and feelings, and makes them more comfortable about their choices. It also allows them to feel ‘human’, and that their opinions and thoughts matter, without being rushed (who knew sales had to be like that, right?). Oh, and buyer’s remorse is slashed too – win-win!

Remember, we must only close when we know the product is a 100% right fit for the client, never before. Addressing the hesitation unlocks further objections that are stopping them from buying. 

More objections? That can’t be good, I hear you say. Wrong! Objections are what we want to hear. Objections are buying signals that can be overcome. If the customer doesn’t have an objection and mentions how everything is OK (or something similar), it is time to close.

“Great. Shall we do it?”

4. Closing the deal

You must close the deal when appropriate. Some 80% of good salespeople don’t hit their quota. Why? Because they don’t ask for the sale. 

Say the words over and over to yourself to get more confident in the way they roll off your tongue. Try roleplaying with somebody who is willing to help you out, maybe a colleague, and then reverse roles. Practice makes absolute perfect, and the more you do it, the more confident you’ll be saying it in real life, and the more natural you’ll sound. 

My favourite close used to be, “Shall we do it?”. Very casual and relaxed, and it made it easy for the customer to say yes. 

Give it a try, and let me know how it works!

5. Bundle your products

Bundling your products into a package is an easy way to help double your sales. This could be offering a half-price footstool if your clients buy top-grade leather and recliner options. It could be offering a further 10% off additional purchases when a customer has spent over a certain amount. Put a Platinum Package in place, where you remove all existing furniture, with ‘free delivery and installation’ included. 

6. The Envelope Method

This method alone has helped deliver 10 x growth for businesses when implemented correctly.

People say they want happy customers. This is wrong. What you really want is a tribe of raving fans that actively promote you and your services!

By implementing the Envelope Method, you use a ‘give-to-get’ referral scheme that will saturate your target audience. The Envelope Method consists of providing a beautifully written letter to your customer at the point of sale (or, at the latest, 48 hours after, never longer, as studies show this is the sweet spot for referrals). The letter will explain your thanks for their custom, and that if they recommend somebody else to shop at your store, you’ll buy them and their friend a fantastic lunch at a restaurant you’ve chosen prior.

Extra for experts – cut a deal with the restaurant to receive a discount for all the extra custom they’ll be receiving!

For a full free template and more techniques how to double your sales with half the stress, download yours here, and start using it today!

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