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Why Rhenus is on a roll

Rhenus Home Delivery UK has been delivering roll-up mattresses to customers in the UK for the last five years – and before that, CEO Vinny Riley and COO Lucie Riley were doing the same thing with Network 4. Factor in the experience of sales director Gavin Boden and CFO Luke Ball, and together Rhenus’ principals boast over 60 years of experience, either in the furniture industry or in furniture delivery …

“We have found our forte in delivering roll-up mattresses, giving that premium service that couriers cannot offer and that a lot of customers are looking for,” states the delivery specialist. 

“Our clients choose us because they want to offer their customers a higher level of service, a better customer experience. One of the reasons is because the average weight of roll-up mattresses has increased by 20-30kg – some of the roll-ups we deliver are 70kg. When the mattresses are that heavy, customers struggle to get them from the doorstep up to where the bedroom is. They can be awkward to get up the stairs, and then even more awkward to actually roll out and expand.

“Our two-man team will: take the mattress up to the customer’s bedroom; remove the packaging; roll out the mattress and place it on the customer’s bed base; and take away the packaging. We will even offer to take away the customers old mattress to be recycled with our partner TFRG, where the mattress is deconstructed, sorted and sent for recycling into other industries (94% of the mattress is fully recycled, 0% goes to landfill).

“All of the packaging we remove from the customer’s home is taken back to our depots, bundled and then goes off to local certified recycling companies.

“We also offer two-man delivery of traditional mattresses, bed frames, adjustable beds, divans, chests of drawers, flatpack furniture and all bedroom furniture.

“Each delivery is fully trackable from the time it enters our central distribution centre, and we give customers several levels of communication, including: customer choice of day of delivery SMS/email; confirmation SMS/email; time slot confirmation SMS/email; on-the-van SMS/email; delivery-at-before SMS/email; and a call from the driver crew when they are on the way.

“If you need to improve your customers’ experience/journey, email us at [email protected].”

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