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By Furniture News Mar 02, 2021

Skip the queue with Chilli Pepper Designs

There are numerous reasons to embrace digital product visualisation, argues Neil Buckley-Jensen, the founder of East Sussex-based furniture CGI specialist, Chilli Pepper Designs.

"It gives sellers unparalleled flexibility in how they present their goods online, and it can prove cheaper than traditional photography in the long-term," he says. 

Indeed, CGI enables suppliers to leapfrog the back-and-forth processes traditionally associated with product development. With Chilli Pepper Designs' help, new products can be visualised, tweaked and shown to key stakeholders in a matter of days, while they are being made – or even sooner.

"We specialise in creating photorealistic computer-generated images on behalf of clients across the globe," Neil continues. "We provide a full design and image-generation service that demonstrates all aspects of your concept.

"Using the latest CGI technology, we produce exact visualisations of commercial and residential projects – both from interior and exterior viewpoints – and products that are realistic, achievable, and marketable."

Chilli Pepper Designs works with interior designers, stylists, furniture designers, retail marketeers, product developers, PR consultants, visual merchandisers, and furniture manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to transform ideas, designs and concepts into marketable realities for online, print, PoS marketing, social media marketing and consumer catalogues, all the way through to billboard posters.

According to Neil, his company's approach offers a simple alternative to costly photoshoots and conventional photo editing, including the associated costs and chores that come with it – such as sourcing locations, building roomsets, styling and accessorising – and gives users unlimited scope for the subsequent creation of fresh imagery (such as that pictured).

"As an alternative to conventional photoshoots we can save you around 75% of the usual associated costs and 95% of the associated time, and you don’t even have to leave the office," Neil concludes.

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