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The nights are drawing in, and people are spending more time at home again. But it needn’t be all gloom, says MEDITE SMARTPLY – as it means fresh demand to recreate spaces for the new season (and beyond) with some innovative panelling, seating and storage combinations …

Wood panelling has been creeping back into fashion over the latter half of this year and is now enjoying its moment, working to make spaces cosier in the autumn and winter – both in appearance and in effect.

“The great thing about panelling is that it allows a renovator to cover up uneven walls, plus cracks and gaps where drafts might have previously crept in, as well as providing a new room feature,” says MEDITE SMARTPLY. “It also provides a great framework for storage and seating.” 

A good example of this is the innovative concept from Lee’s Custom Woodwork.

Lee used moisture-resistant MEDITE MR MDF panels to create a hallway feature that is also functional. As well as offering a place to take off and store coats, the mounted wall’s moisture-resistant qualities, thanks to MEDITE MR, coupled with a water-resistant paint finish, ensure that damp coats will not affect the appearance of the panels over time. 

Maker Lee Thompson says: “For all my projects I prefer to use MEDITE MR MDF, as I find it gives me a superior, smooth finish, and is very easy to router. It’s much less likely to fluff up when applying a paint finish. It can be spray finished, and requires a lot less prep work than standard MDFs I’ve used in the past. Moisture-resistant materials are perfect for some of the items I make, as a lot of my work is for areas susceptible to moisture.”

Storage and panelling also go hand in hand, as not only does the latter provide an atttractive backing for shelving and cupboards, it can also lend itself to effortlessly creating opportunities for hiding essential (but often unsightly) electrical boxes and boilers. 

And, to truly reinvent a space, lighting can be incorporated into designs, too, as Lee’s custom woodwork TV unit (pictured top) demonstrates. 

Another example is a classic creation made by Goldsmith Lane Joinery.

Featuring layered panels of MEDITE MDF, the designer has used the material alongside moulded skirting and trim to create this country-style, half-wall panel that also flows into an attractive seating area.

Goldsmith Lane Joinery’s Jack Hollings says: “I get through a lot of MEDITE material. Mostly, that means MR MDF of various thicknesses. The reasons for using MEDITE specifically are that the product is of a very consistent quality, so I always know what I’m going to be working with – how it will respond during the process. It is possible, with a little time and care, to achieve cut edges smooth enough to paint to a perfectly clean finish.

“When visiting my timber merchants, I’ll always express my preference for MEDITE. One local merchant recently ordered a stock of MEDITE MR MDF in response to my request.”

With a range that spans 10 different families of MDF products and many variants, MEDITE MDF offers over 400 possible specifications for any interior.

“MEDITE makes it real,” states  MEDITE SMARTPLY. “Join the exclusive MEDITE MDF community and showcase your latest projects at www.meditemakesitreal.com.”

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