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Panda London's Hybrid Pillow aims to transform bedtime

Panda London says it does not take rest lightly. When it comes to sleep technology, the brand strives to stay one step ahead of the global industry, consistent in its mission to deliver state-of-the-art products that do not cost the earth …

Panda's multi award-winning bamboo memory foam pillow and mattress topper have long established the brand as a key player in the world of sleep. All Panda products – including a range of premium 100% bamboo bedding, duvets, homeware and an impressive children's range – are known for their support and comfort. On top of this, the forward-thinking company goes a step beyond many of its competitors, ensuring its production process is eco-friendly from forest to front door.

Following the success of its sleep products, Panda is now launching its new Hybrid Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow.

Its state-of-the art design provides unique comfort for every sleeper – Panda's dedicated R&D team has applied all its expert knowledge on sleep and comfort with the latest technology. The Panda Hybrid Pillow features the brand's exclusive Charco-Cell foam, an orthopaedic foam that uniquely contours to the sleeper's body position for what Panda describes as optimal neck and spine alignment, elevating comfort and support. The charcoal infusion wicks away moisture, prevents odours and eliminates dust mites, maximising hygiene and freshness.

What is more, Panda was dedicated to making this the most breathable pillow on the market. Active O2 Micro-pods overcome the natural heat retention of memory foam, enhancing a cooling effect and maximising breathability. With many sleepers quoting overheating as one of the biggest causes of waking up throughout the night, the Panda Hybrid Pillow promotes a cooler bedtime and deeper rest.

A deluxe mesh envelopes the foam, promoting airflow and durability, aligning with one of Pandas core commitments – to provide sustainable products that do not compromise on quality.

The pillow comes wrapped in Panda's signature silky, smooth BambooCloud cover, a plush quilted layer of comfort that harks back to the brand's mission – balancing the abundant benefits of nature with evolving innovation.

"The Hybrid Memory Foam Bamboo pillow by Panda stands alone for providing next-level comfort with minimum impact on our planet, inviting every consumer to enjoy naturally better sleep," states Panda. "Bamboo is the bridge between luxury and sustainability, growing up to 4ft a day, and as soft as silk. With many five-star hotels and textile suppliers taking note, the incredible fabric is set to be the most trending resource of the 21st century."

So, what is next for Panda London? Panda is constantly working on cutting-edge products, empowering consumers with eco-friendly choices for their homes. Every product it brings to market goes through an extensive process, inspired by Panda's passion for the wellbeing of both consumers and the plane

"The Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pillow is another step towards a better future," the brand concludes, "combining science-backed support with the gentle touch of nature. We are so confident it will be love at first night, we offer a 30-night free trial to get to know each other.

"With Panda's heaven made hybrid, bedtime will never be the same again."

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