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By Furniture News Nov 01, 2021

New tech promises greater insight for buyers

Bolda, a Manchester-based startup that aims to help furniture businesses make more informed decisions, has launched its competition shopping platform. 

Backed by notable investors at the tech startup factory Nova, including Sir Terry Leahy and Bill Currie, Bolda’s team has developed a new solution for data analysis and trend forecasting in the furniture industry. The platform simplifies competition shopping, scraping the latest data and turning it into interactive charts, so professional buyers can save time and money monitoring furniture items, and even identify new trends missed by their competitors.

"Being amongst the first companies to access Bolda's platform also means gaining major competitive advantage,” comments Victoria Bresnic, product manager at Bolda. “The start-up’s ultimate goal is to help furniture companies thrive, which isn’t possible without knowing the latest market insights and using them in the right way to inform the buying decisions.” 

The first release of the platform enables businesses to monitor 15 data points across a chosen range of competitors’ items. Multiple in-built filters help users stay more focused and dive deep into the data. Bolda’s tool also features interactive charts showing range size, price architecture and delivery time, which can also be filtered by category or by retailer. 

Bolda's co-founder and CEO Greg French adds: "Having worked in the industry for nearly 20 years, I have witnessed many changes, and the landscape of retail is very different now. Bolda’s mission is to help those within the furniture industry keep track of these changes and make informed decisions. Our first trials and conversations with retailers have reinforced that having access to real-time data is a must in the current age of retail.”

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