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By Sponsored Sept 19, 2019

Heal's pioneers app-less AR with Cylindo

Heal’s has partnered with 3D product visualisation platform for commerce, Cylindo, to bring the retailer's customers product through web-native augmented reality (AR). Introducing app-less AR will help Heal's remain at the forefront of retail, enabling customers to visualise how furniture items will look in their homes, without downloading an app.

“When someone buys a signature item like a sofa or dining table they need a lot of reassurance that the product is right for them," says David Kohn, customer and ecommerce director at Heal's. "Our partnership with Cylindo already enables us to offer photo-realistic 360˚ images of our products – with AR we’ve taken it a step further, helping our customers to see what it would look like in their space. We’re pleased to be one of the first retailers to offer this, and will look to develop our visualisation capabilities further in the next few months.”

Cylindo’s web-native AR has proven to provide adoption rates that are 33 times higher than traditional AR mobile applications, thanks to the reduced friction.

“Not only do we see app-less AR being warmly welcomed by our customers, but also - and perhaps especially - by the end-consumer. It’s transforming how they are making bigger purchases and also significantly shortening the decisionmaking time. Heal’s is a great example of a first-moving retailer taking that next big step in ecommerce,” comments Christian Foss, customer success manager at Cylindo.

Through its partnership with Cylindo, Heal’s also offers interactive experiences like 360˚ views and 4K HD zoom.

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