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By Furniture News Dec 23, 2021

Coach House embraces outdoor living

Coach House launched hundreds of new products for spring/summer 2022 – as well as a brand-new floral collection – at this year’s Autumn Fair, back in September, from product for the great British outdoors to sanctuary-inspired and inner-wild-child interiors.

This year has become synonymous with time spent at home, and consequently more time outdoors – and Coach House is not complaining: “What always seemed like a European culture has finally crossed the pond to the English garden aesthetic,” states the one-stop supplier. 

“Here at Coach House, we are very much embracing this newfound love of the great outdoors. It’s now not so much about bringing the outside in, or inside out, but a seamless transition that works best – creating more of a natural flow between the two. This will not only increase space, but help give a mental boost. Nature is a medicine for the mind, and its calming balm has never been more craved.

“A few ways we find to create this more seamless transition are textiles, accessories, and of course plants. 

“In terms of textiles, it’s cushions and throws galore! We now have a new range of outdoor cushions and even some outdoor recycled rugs, which really help to add a softness and comfort to your outdoor spaces, especially in the early evening. Even bringing non ‘outdoor’ items out can really feel cathartic – items like vases and trays give a more homely feel to your garden. 

“Then, naturally, there are indoor plants to create a sanctuary indoors – this has just been going from strength to strength for the last few years, and our faux plants sales have grown phenomenally over the past 18 months.”

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