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By CGIFurniture Aug 15, 2023

Bringing furniture assembly to life

Ineffective assembly guides have long been a burning issue for furniture manufacturers, writes CGIFurniture, whose 3D animated solutions promise to change the game …  

Instructions based on imagery or text are often challenging to follow, resulting in failed assemblies. That, in turn, leads to disappointed customers overloading support service with queries, leaving negative reviews, or returning products. Some potential buyers even give up the idea of making a purchase altogether, as they feel uncertain whether they can assemble the piece correctly.

A well-crafted video assembly guide can resolve these troubles. More than four fifths (83%) of consumers reportedly prefer video assembly instructions to text- or image-based manuals, finding the steps in videos clearer and easier to follow. 

However, while video guides offer a solution, their creation is not without challenges on the manufacturer's side. That involves tedious planning, potentially renting out costly studio space and props, hiring a videographer, co-ordinating with actors, ensuring they follow procedures accurately, managing the logistical hurdles, and so on. 

Fortunately, with modern technology, making video assembly guides can be much easier. By using 3D animation services, furniture brands can get simple, concise, and engaging video instructions for buyers. Computer-generated videos can visually explain the assembly of any piece step-by-step in great detail. Not only is product assembly animation clearer than text- or image-based manuals, but it is also more budget friendly and time saving compared to traditional video shoots (and especially so if the provider of 3D animation services uses cutting-edge rendering tools, such as Unreal Engine or Chaos Vantage).

Overall, 3D animation is a go-to tool for furniture brands that strive to provide their clients with effective assembly instructions while reducing product returns and removing excessive strain from customer support. On top of that, a product assembly animation serves as a great marketing asset – a well-thought-out 3D video can increase engagement and conversions on websites, social media, and other marketing channels. Last but not least, it improves the brand’s reputation, and helps to build trust.

Wooden Dresser Assembly 3D Animation from CGI Furniture on Vimeo.

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