21 July 2024, 23:46
By Furniture News Aug 24, 2023

UK-made furniture dominates in many product sectors, says BFM

The latest analysis from national trade body British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM) reveals that UK-made furniture remains dominant in five out of nine product categories.

BFM’s annual UK Furniture Review, which includes figures from the Office for National Statistics, PRODCOM and HMRC, shows that, despite an overall loss of market share in 2022, UK manufacturers still dominate the market in product categories including wooden office furniture (76%), wooden shop furniture (81%), wooden kitchen furniture (88%), mattress frames (85%) and spring mattresses (88%).

BFM MD Phil Spademan says: “Our UK Furniture Review examines how the market has changed over the last full calendar year as well as analysing the size of the UK furniture market, the percentage of the market that is attributable to UK production and the unit price of items produced in the UK.

“This information helps our members identify their strengths in the marketplace and highlights opportunities in new sectors, as well as giving a clear overview of trends in the industry since 2016.”

BFM members can access the full report here.

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