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By Furniture News Apr 07, 2014

Scandinavian-inspired French furniture brand launches in the UK

Sengtai, a successful French brand specialising in Scandinavian-inspired designer furniture has just launched an online presence in the UK. In addition to the 40+ products already available in a choice of 11 colours, UK-based customers also have the option to custom make their own pieces of bespoke furniture.

After gaining success within the French market since its inception in February 2011, an online furniture store specialising in designer Scandinavian-inspired furniture has made the decision to expand and launch within the UK and Germany.

It was whilst travelling in the Zhejiang Province of China that the co-founder and CEO of Sengtai, Louis- Florent Beng, first realised the enormous potential and versatility of bamboo. In his opinion, the alternative renewable source had, up until that point, remained relatively unexploited in the western world. In Shanghai, Louis met talented young designer Maxime Roumi, and a few days later the first designs were sketched.

The Sengtai team was completed in 2011 after Sébastien Pruvost was welcomed on board. Sengtai stores can now be found in various cities across France, including a flagship store in Paris which displays the entire range of furniture and interior pieces available through the online store.

With more than 40 available products in 11 different colours currently featured on the Sengtai website, UK customers can shop for pieces that have been developed to match existing furniture, colour schemes and decor. One of the most popular products at present is the Wasabi TV cabinet, a Sengtai bestseller with a unique design and contemporary style that will fit in with any interior style. The Aloha coffee table is another highly coveted design, which boasts a distinctive almond shape and is made entirely of natural bamboo from Sengtai’s own workshop.

In addition to this, Sengtai also offers customers the option to custom-make their own bespoke pieces of furniture online. Using a unique feature of the website, individuals can take an existing Sengtai product and amend a variety of elements, such as the colour, length, depth and height to tailor-make their ideal piece.

Louis-Florent says: “I am beyond thrilled that we now have the opportunity to launch Sengtai to the UK market. Not only are British customers far more receptive to online furniture brands, but I also feel that as an environmentally friendly brand our pieces offer something unique in terms of style and innovation.

“Our intention since launching Sengtai has always been to use traditional Asian materials such as bamboo to create fashionable, stylish and long-lasting furniture. The care and attention to detail that we place in making each of our products is reflected in the quality of our goods.”

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