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By Furniture News Aug 01, 2013

Royal approval for Harrison Spinks' baby spring innovation

Leeds-based luxury bed maker and innovative spring component manufacturer, Harrisons Spinks, has announced that it is opening a new Nursery Comfort Division to manufacture innovative luxury cot mattresses and associated nursery comfort items under the Silver Cross brand in October.

The company has recently been recognised by Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth ll by the granting of two Queens Awards for Enterprise in Innovation and Sustainable Development and intends to utilise its baby-sized spring technology in a new range of cot mattresses.

The new range has been co-designed with Nick Paxton, group chief executive of Silver Cross, the design led family business which invented baby comfort and has an ethos to give babies the very best start in life.

The baby spring innovation is completely unique to the nursery market. These miniature pocket springs cannot be found in any other nursery comfort product due to the patented nature of the technology. The baby springs have been designed to work in a three dimensional manner ensuring that support is correctly distributed at any given time. Top models in the Silver Cross cot mattress range include ‘breezzze’ spring technology that promotes healthy, fresh and cooling airflow around the interior of the mattress. There are 13 products in the range altogether including nine cot mattresses available in standard and bespoke sizes, two moses basket mattresses and two travel cot mattresses.

The product innovation does not stop with baby-sized springs – the new range of cot mattresses includes a unique waterproof cover that incorporates a patented filter designed to block the entry of micro-organisms, while allowing smooth and constant airflow in and out of the product. The cover and filter technology has been scientifically proven to perform as a 100% barrier to germs and allergens, while allowing airflow for the infants sleeping comfort.

Simon Spinks, Harrison Spinks MD, says: “The existing cot mattress market lacks innovation, particularly from a proven support and comfort perspective which is why I have designed this range with Nick Paxton of Silver Cross who is an expert in baby comfort and a very accomplished design engineer.

“Our high density baby spring technology has been developed specifically for infants to ensure that they start sleep the right way. We understand the benefits from sleeping on a good mattress for adults, so it makes perfect sense that the same logic is applied for babies, after all sleep is vitally important for a baby’s development.

“It is our belief that the more springs you have in a mattress, the better the comfort. The same applies to baby cot mattresses, however, the springs have to be scaled down to baby size to ensure that correct postural support is achieved.”

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