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By Furniture News Dec 06, 2019

New technology at January Furniture Show

January Furniture Show, which will take place from 19th-22nd January at Birmingham’s NEC, will take a step into the future with three advanced technology systems in 2020.

The first of these is a collaboration between Symmetry CGI, [show organiser] Clarion Events, KeyShot software and MC Designs, which will demonstrate how 3D modelling can be used in product development and product and brand marketing.

From its stand in hall 2, Symmetery CGI will explain how to create full product images and lifestyle shots from basic building blocks, and show how finishes and colours can be changed easily to show alternative colourways, finishes and lifestyle backdrops, giving manufacturers and suppliers the opportunity to see how a product will look without the need to make expensive prototypes or long photoshoots to generate product and lifestyle shots in different finishes.

For retailers, the CGI system will give customers the opportunity to view furniture in a room virtually, enabling quick and simple room planning, speeding up the selection process and removing uncertainty. Via a phone or tablet with an AR app, products can be superimposed into a customer’s own home, with a 360° view of a room, giving them an instant feel for how the furniture will look.

Second is JFSConnect. Returning visitors will be familiar with the event’s SmartBadge system, which allows them to collect sale and product information preloaded by exhibitors on the JFSConnect platform. Each entry badge has a Smart chip which interacts with the JFSConnect touchpoints on every stand, and by simply tapping these visitors can collect the data and exchange contact details with the exhibitor.

Lastly, JFS has developed a Networking Platform to help visitors plan their visit and get even more out of the event. Using JFS' website they can search by company name, product sector, trail and hall, then highlight exhibitors and products of interest.

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