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By Furniture News Mar 28, 2019

Jysk owner merges retail brands

Lars Larsen Group, which owns Scandinavian retail brand Jysk, has decided to merge Jysk Nordic – which operates 1287 stores in 20 countries – and Dänisches Bettenlager, which operates 1283 stores in seven countries.

”We have concluded that one big entity will be more competitive in a market which is generally characterised by fewer but bigger competitors,” explains chairman Lars Larsen. Current CEO and president of Jysk Nordic, Jan Bøgh, will be responsible for the unified operation.

”I believe that Jysk will be significantly strengthened by the decision to continue as one business unit, and I look very much forward to my new role," he says. "After having worked in Jysk Nordic in 24 years, with 20 years as CEO – I know that part of the business very well. Now I look forward to getting to know Dänisches Bettenlager equally well to ensure that the new business unit will be a combination of the best from both organisations.”

The new combined head office will be located in Brabrand near Aarhus, but Däniches Bettenlager's base in Handewitt, Germany will remain open. "Basically, this merger is not about reducing the current number of staff," says Jan. "It is about combining the best of two successful business units.”

Jysk recently proposed a 15-store rollout in Ireland, starting in Naas on 2nd April. 

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