22 April 2024, 23:10
By Furniture News Oct 07, 2013

Ikea UK manager aims to double turnover

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, new country manager for Ikea UK and Ireland Gillian Drakeford has stated that she aims to increase Ikea UK's turnover to more than £2b a year by 2020, through new stores and online expansion, taking the retailer's market share from 6% to more than 12%.

“We have been in the UK for 26 years," Gillian told The Sunday Telegraph, "but we have only really been scratching at the surface in terms of market share and the position we have. At times we have been seen as a player on the side, rather than the main player. I see a tremendous opportunity here. I’ll be clear, we can double our market share with the steps we are taking.”

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