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By Furniture News Aug 05, 2013

Harveys uses TFO logo on latest advert

A major furniture retailer explains the benefits of using The Furniture Ombudsman (TFO)‘s logo on its latest advert.

Harveys, which has over 150 furniture stores nationwide, has added the Ombudsman’s logo to its latest national printed advertising campaign.

The Furniture Ombudsman specialises in providing Alternative Dispute Resolution solutions for consumers and retailers in the furniture and home improvement industries. It also aims to raise standards, improve service and inspire consumer confidence.

Customer services director for Harveys, Richard Powell, says: “As we are now a member of The Furniture Ombudsman we thought it was important that we gave our customers visibility of this fact, whenever we can. It gives our customers real confidence that Harveys is a company that can be trusted to do everything it can to meet and exceed industry standards. In the rare case that customers do have issues that they feel are not being satisfactorily progressed they know have The Furniture Ombudsman to go to as an independent third party. We will continue to promote our partnership into the future.”

Kevin Grix, head of The Furniture Ombudsman says: “We are really pleased to see Harveys using our logo to help reassure their customers. We encourage our members to display our logo and we always advise consumers to check before they make a purchase to see if they are buying from a full member of The Furniture Ombudsman. Consumers who shop with our members have the extra assurance that our experienced and qualified staff are there to help if any issues arise down the line. Our online store locator allows consumers to browse the web and find a full member in their area."

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