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By Furniture News Sept 07, 2022

Delivery specialist to launch training academy in new facility

Rhenus Home Delivery UK recently occupied the 258,000 sqft Hurricane 258 site at Magna Park, Lutterworth, and has announced that the facilities will contain the furniture fulfilment specialist's Academy of Excellence, which is currently halfway through construction. 

Rhenus says these facilities will be a hub of premium-quality training, aiming to deliver a variety of training methods across Rhenus Home Delivery UK and the extended Rhenus Group.

Classroom-based training will ensure Rhenus' two-man delivery crews are certified to all appropriate service levels, customer-facing services and reporting processes. The training will cover all kinds of furniture handling in real-life situations – a mock-up house, including a tricky narrow staircase, a lounge and bedroom, will enable the crews to see the challenges they will face on a day-to-day basis. Similarly, Rhenus' warehouse team will complete operational courses on relevant warehouse processes and systems.

E-learning courses will provide specialised training in customer service certifications, in-house transport and warehouse management systems, plus fire marshal training, as well as providing other interactive learning experiences and test courses.

Practical training courses will facilitate driver competency courses including obstacle avoidance to ensure maximum driver safety and the ability to adapt to any given circumstance when delivering to customers across the UK. Rhenus will also be administering courses in VNA, electric forklift, flexi-drivers, counterbalance, lift-cage trucks and more.

Upon completion, the Academy of Excellence will award accredited certificates to all employees and personnel.

These facilities are set to elevate Rhenus' presence among global logistics and transport training services, while the completion of Magna Park has enabled the business to transition to a new hub-and-spoke model, meaning the Rhenus Home Delivery UK network will be able to grow and deliver greater volumes, with improved KPIs both for clients and their customers.

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