23 May 2024, 11:07
By Furniture News Oct 02, 2020

Austrian retail outlets now under JYSK umbrella

The 87 stores of retail chain Dänisches Bettenlager Austria are now officially named JYSK, in a move which embraces the latter's new store concept.

”By changing the name to JYSK, the Austrian stores will now also benefit from the store concepts and systems that worldwide have led to JYSK’s success," says JYSK's CEO and president, Jan Bøgh. "This will be great for both our customers as well as for our employees.”

The parent business plans to invest some €200,000 in each of the stores to introduce its new store concept 3.0, which includes wood-look floor instead of carpet, showrooms and more focus on decor and textiles.

JYSK is planning to expand with three new stores in Austria during FY2020/21, with more to follow. The retailer has already committed to significant store expansion in the UK (see related).

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