Compared with 2019, total UK footfall decreased by -13.3% in November, reports BRC-Sensormatic IQ in their latest footfall monitor.

High street footfall declined by -13.6% (Yo3Y), retail parks' by -4.2% (Yo3Y), and shopping centres' by -23.2% (Yo3Y).

Northern Ireland saw the shallowest footfall decline of all regions at -7%, followed by Scotland at -15% and England at -15.4%. Wales saw the steepest decline, at -16.2%.

On a YoY basis, total footfall increased by +3.7% (high streets by +8%, shopping centres by +7% and retail parks by -4%).

Helen Dickinson OBE, BRC chief executive, says: “Footfall took another stumble as the cost of living crisis put off some consumers from visiting the shops in November. Others opted to stay home due to the scattering of rail strikes, or chose the World Cup over shopping visits. Many big cities were particularly hard hit, with Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester all seeing the biggest drops in footfall since January.

“Rising inflation and low consumer confidence continue to dampen spending expectations in the run-up to Christmas. Despite retailers doing their best to keep prices as low as possible for their customers, financial concerns are trumping spending for many households. But, with three more weeks to Christmas, retailers hope that the festive spirit may still give a welcome boost to both footfall and retail sales."