As its move to online learning continues, FIRA International has released details of a new suite of training on REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation (& Restriction) of Chemicals) which will begin later this month and run through to April.

Divided into nine modules, learners can select which REACH course or courses they would like undertake. Modules 1-5 run once a month from January to April, and modules 6-9 start in February and run monthly through to April. Each is scheduled for 90 minutes and costs £65+VAT for members of the Furniture Industry Research Association or £80+VAT for non-members. A 25% discount is also available for three modules being booked.

All modules are hosted by John Hubbard, FIRA International’s technical consultant. He says: “The REACH Regulation has now been in force since 2007 and has shifted the onus for demonstrating the safe use of chemicals onto the chemical suppliers and downstream users. However, the legislation also has important obligations for retailers and suppliers bringing products, including furniture and other household goods, onto the European market.

“There is so much to understand about the regulation, and in addition we have the added changes which Brexit has thrown into the mix. It seemed most logical therefore to breakdown the regulation into manageable modules and allow the learner to select where they need to add to their knowledge. I also believe that online learning lends itself better to more manageable modules.

“We may take some learners through the full REACH journey across modules one to nine, or others may choose to simply join us on a specific topic, such as Brexit or product testing. All are welcome and I look forward to helping the furniture industry demystify REACH.”

In addition to this schedule, John is also hosting an Introduction to REACH webinar on Thursday 14th January, giving a general high-level overview of the regulation.