Textile designer and distributor Bridstock Gate (trading as Portfolio Home), based in Denton, Manchester, has won a copyright claim advised by intellectual property and commercial law specialist Taylors.

Bridstock Gate, a subsidiary of Evans Textiles, made its claim after its bestselling Orkney design was copied.

Tony Catterall of Taylors, an affiliate lawyer with Anti Copying In Design (ACID), issued proceedings in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court on behalf of Bridstock Gate, which demanded undertakings to discontinue the importation and sale of the infringing product, delivery up of residual stock and payment of compensation and costs.

On the morning of the trial the defendants agreed to settle. They agreed the terms demanded by Bridstock Gate, including undertakings not to import or sell the infringing products and an inquiry to assess payment of damages and costs.

Tony Catterall of Taylors says: “We are delighted to have been of assistance to Bridstock Gate in achieving settlement of this dispute. The ability to bring proceedings in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court gives clients who create original designs the opportunity to protect their innovative work without fear of plagiarism. The protection of original designs is essential to justify the cost and effort put in to the creation of new products.”

Paul Callan, MD of Bridstock Gate, comments: “We are delighted by the outcome achieved as a result of this action. We take a great pride in the innovative nature of our products and invest heavily in the design of original textile ranges that distinguish us from others in the market. It is essential that we protect the integrity of our designs and I am delighted that Taylors have achieved a more-than satisfactory settlement on our behalf.”