3D product visualisation specialist Cylindo has appointed Jens Fursund its vice-president of pipeline engineering.

Jens, formerly of Unity, ILM, Imagination Technologies and Pinscreen, boasts more than 15 years' experience in 3D graphics engineering, and has five patents to his name.

“Our ability to create quality content at scale is already unrivalled compared to anyone in the industry," says Janus Jagd, the founder and CEO of Cylindo, which specialises in furniture content creation, management and distribution. "But we’re on a mission to 3D-ify all products in furniture ecommerce so we’re doubling down on our efforts to automate the process even more through AI and machine learning - and bringing on Jens as our VP of pipeline engineering is a testament to that.”

Jens comments: “Cylindo eats and breathes 3D, and is a market leader in providing a unifying platform for 3D product visualisation. With the great team, strong leadership and exciting vision for automating and simplifying 3D visualisation, deciding to join Cylindo was not difficult. I am super happy to be part of this amazing journey that Cylindo is on, and look forward to solving the challenges ahead."