West Yorkshire bedmaker Duvalay was the guest of honour at China's Shenzhen International Furniture Fair in March,

The manufacturer has signed a deal to ship its handmade beds and mattresses to new distribution partners in the Far East, and attended the official unveiling of their Hilary Devey Collection at the event, which attracts up to 20,000 visitors each year.

“We were blown away when we first saw the Hilary Devey Collection trade stand at the fair, which was decorated with huge images of the Yorkshire Dales and British landmarks like London Bridge,” says Liz Colleran, Duvalay's sales and marketing director. “The attention to detail was incredible – right down to recreating the brickwork in our offices in Gomersal! Our agreement also permits our partners to manufacture our Rosalia Collection under licence. Having spent quality time with our hosts, we are delighted that the Duvalay brand is in such excellent hands in Asia.

"Our trip to China shows that Duvalay is now a truly global brand!”

Pictured: Tom, Alan and Liz Colleran with their Asian distributors