The Silentnight Group, the UK’s biggest bedmaker, has confirmed that it will return to exhibit at the January Furniture Show (JFS) in 2019, after several years’ absence.

The group, which encompasses the Silentnight Beds, Rest Assured and Sealy UK brands, will take up a position at the NEC show in Hall 5, the historical home of bed brands at the event.

Event director Theresa Raymond says: “This is a very important signing for JFS, which is committed to bringing the bed industry back to Hall 5. We want to give bed buyers the opportunity to see the full range of what is available on the market. More buyers will now be attracted to visit with Silentnight joining the line-up in 2019, and we are delighted.”

Last month, the company clarified that it would not be exhibiting at the NBF Bed Show in Telford this year, instead opting to bolster its presence at its more intimate annual exhibition at Brooklands Museum in Surrey, which took place earlier this week.

At the show, Sealy UK unveiled its Activsleep collection, aimed at a young, health-conscious audience, while Silentnight introduced Eco Comfort Breathe, an evolution of its existing eco-friendly models, delivered in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, thanks to its use of recycled plastic bottles.

The January Furniture Show will run from 20th–23rd January at the Birmingham NEC. Other bed companies already signed up include MLily, Furmanac, Highgrove, Slumberdream and Highgate.