A book celebrating Italian furniture manufacturer Natuzzi was launched last week at Natuzzi Italia’s flagship store on Tottenham Court Road.

The book, Natuzzi The Italian Harmony Maker (LID Publishing, 2018), written by Luca Condosta, manager of Apulian origin, vice-president of finance at ABB, reflects on the international success and secrets of Natuzzi’s long history.

During an in-store debate hosted by Vanessa Brady, founder of the Society of British and International Design (SBID), Luca explained why he has written a book on the history of Natuzzi and its founder, saying: “The story of Natuzzi tells us that if you know what cards you have, just play them. Because maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but something is going to happen”.

Pasquale Natuzzi, founder and CEO of Natuzzi, talked about his passion for work and about his approach to business, closing his speech looking towards the future of the brand.

“Luca Condosta developed a passion for the history of Natuzzi”, commented Pasquale. “He wrote a book on Natuzzi where he not only retraced the fundamental stages of the company from its birth until today, but was also able to interpret Natuzzi’s yesterday, today and tomorrow. His vision is a perfect representation of the company value.”