The SWFMARF, the federation behind September's annual South West Furniture Show, has announced the launch of a new exhibition dedicated to beds.

The Show West Bed Show, organised by SWFMARF's members – including committee secretary Maud Laine, part of the team behind Telford's Bridge event (currently on hiatus) – will take place on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th April 2018 at Sedgemoor Auction Centre in North Petherton, Somerset.

The show has been created to offer SWFMARF bed manufacturer/supplier members a regional alternative to Telford's NBF Bed Show, at a time when the trade calendar is less demanding for buyers.

"As with previous events, we have chosen to remain in our central location, Sedgemoor Auction Centre, for its easy access and ample free parking," says Maud. "The show will take place over two days and, once again, we have a later opening night to accommodate visitors' travel."
Those interested in visiting can register on the show website here.