Emma Mattress is proud to announce that it has recently received the coveted Which? Best Buy 2017 endorsement for its “bed in a box” mattress by the largest consumer body in the UK.

Which? is known for conducting thorough, independent, robust lab tests on thousands of products every month as they work on behalf of the consumer. You can be sure that any product recommendations are influenced only by their careful and in-depth test results.

Which? tests mattresses as a whole category and does not differentiate between different mattress types in the UK. One of the most notable comments from Which? “This is one of the most durable mattresses we’ve tested. Even after years of use, it won’t sag, soften or become less supportive. So, if you like the feel of it when new, you can sleep safe in the knowledge that you still will in years to come.”

Only the top-scoring products in the market are recognised as a Which? Best Buy. Emma mattress is very pleased to be ranked in this prestigious category. The mattress is robust and adaptive but also very comfortable. The British made Emma is manufactured with love in the UK to create innovative foam and spring technology.

The tests conducted by Which? focus on several areas that analyse the true quality of the mattress. Simulating 10 years of use, this test is demonstrating to the consumer how the mattress will evolve over time. As we spend a third of our lives in bed it is critical that the mattress chosen, will deliver quality. Which? Best Buy endorsement proves Emma´s quality and durability.

Marc-René Simon, head of international, at Emma Mattress says: “I’m delighted and excited to receive this great news that Emma Mattress has been awarded with the coveted ‘Which? Best Buy’ surpassing many of its competitors on overall performance.

“Emma mattress has received similar awards and endorsements in France and the Netherlands so we are really happy that this is happening in the UK.”

Max Laarmann, founder of Emma Mattress, says: “Emma was created because I had a terrible time trying to purchase a mattress and I wanted to make the process simple whilst providing a quality product which does what it says on the label: Improve everyone’s sleep. It’s rewarding to have been acknowledged by Which?.”

Part of Which?’s expert testing process is to have people with different body types to test each mattress. They also put each mattress through a wide range of lab tests, checks and measurements, so consumers can be certain that their ‘Best Buys’ are accurately tested.

Testing covers:

· Body support: the mattress should keep your spine the same shape as if you were stood up. Including measuring the shape of a person’s body at 36 different points both when standing up and when lying on the mattress.

· Durability: a good mattress will not get harder or softer over time. They also simulate years of use by rolling heavy barrels over each mattress thousands of times.

· Stabilisation: with a good mattress, you’re less likely to wake up when your partner turns or moves during the night.

Emma’s one size fits all mattress is available online.