Mattress and upholstery designer Mammoth has invested in the company’s growth by making a double appointment of non-executive directors since the start of 2017. Graeme Mills and Paul Sutherland will be working with the Mammoth team as director of performance and director of innovation, respectively.

Both positions will work closely with the whole Mammoth team to integrate sound business practices and strategies to continue the company’s growth in the bed and upholstery industries, as well as working to open up new global business opportunities for the North-east-based health and wellbeing group.

Both Paul and Graeme have worked with Mammoth in various capacities since the company was launched at retail in 2011.

Graeme has taken on the responsibility of developing Mammoth’s staff. He will work with the current team while attracting new talent.

Paul will deliver strategies for growth, seeking to optimise opportunities within the bed and upholstery industries as well as opening up new prospects for the future direction of Mammoth’s innovations and designs.

"Mammoth is determined to maintain its ability to respond quickly and practically in support of our valued retailers,” explains John Tuton, founder and MD of Mammoth. “We have a distinctive and personal approach that seems to work for our retailers that we need to retain as we scale up in our operation. These roles are an investment in ensuring that growth does not lead to any compromise in the values we work to. Graeme and Paul will help us to retain the ethos we’ve worked hard to instil and which remains the reason why we started this business.”