One of Great Britain’s most established and innovative bed makers, Harrison Spinks, has added a rare breed of sheep to its flock, to be used in a potential limited edition mattress.

In addition to the Texel, Suffolk and Zwartble flocks already on the bed maker’s 300-acre farm, a flock of 23 Wensleydale sheep has been introduced, to allow the bed maker to utilise their high-quality, sumptuous wool as a filling in its luxury mattresses, creating an ideal balance of temperature regulation with the renowned innovative technology used through Harrison Spinks’ mattress ranges.

Originating from North Yorkshire, Wensleydale sheep numbers have declined dramatically over the years. By purchasing its new flock, Harrison Spinks hopes to promote the versatility of the breed’s wool, which has previously been used for knitting yarn, clothing and upholstery. The use of the breed’s wool in its mattresses also reiterates Harrison Spinks’ dedication to utilising unique blends of natural, sustainable materials to offer consumers the best possible night’s sleep.

Speaking about the new addition to the farm, Richard Essery, MD of Harrison Spinks’ components division, says: “As a Yorkshire-based company we feel passionate about championing our local heritage, and what better way to do that than by using our own pedigree flock of Wensleydale sheep’s wool, as fillings for our mattresses.

“As well as protecting a rare and beautiful breed, the long fleece of the Wensleydale sheep will be perfect for creating a luxurious mattress filling and will likely form part of a limited edition bed for one of our brands.”