The National Bed Federation (NBF) has launched Version Two of its Code of Practice, which includes new audit procedures and additional legal requirements.

First developed in 2013, the Code of Practice aims to encourage good practice in the industry and reassure trade buyers and consumers they can buy ‘NBF Approved’ beds with confidence.

Following a full review, the updated code now includes legal requirements for imported and bought-in products, and a new approach to surveillance and sanctions for  non-compliance.

In addition to the current areas of flammability, cleanliness of fillings and trade descriptions, the audit will now also cover compliance with textile composition and labelling requirements, awareness of EU timber legislation, REACH regulations and EU Biocides legislation.

Says Jessica Alexander, NBF executive director: “Since its launch, the Code of Practice has proved a monumental success in reassuring trade customers and the consumer that NBF members’ products are safe, clean and honest.

"The Code of Practice has also proved a powerful new reason for manufacturers to join the NBF and we’ve recently reached more than 100 members to the association – a real milestone which continues to reinforce the importance of maintaining quality standards within the industry.

“We’ve already hosted seminars for manufacturer members to update them on the changes and how to prepare for the new audit procedures, which have already begun.

“The Code of Practice is a mark of approval, but it’s not to be confused with a quality mark. We’re looking at best practice and processes within each company and helping them achieve acceptable standards, giving NBF membership more credibility within the industry.”