Anti Copying in Design (ACID) has appointed Rob Law, MBE, MD of Magmatic and the originator of Trunki, to its group of ACID ambassadors.

ACID ambassadors support the preservation of design originality, ethics and respect for intellectual property. Rob joins the likes of Sebastian Conran, Kevin McCloud, Lee Broom and many others who are outspoken advocates of ACID’s work.

Rob says: “We need basic design protection in the UK and ACID is campaigning tirelessly to enhance the rights for designers. I’m proud to offer my support as they continue to lobby to improve design law and help creative industries keep their competitive advantage. As a designer and entrepreneur, we all dream our designs will become commercially successful, once they are it’s a sad fact of life they get copied. ACID supports designers through what is often a traumatic time to inform and lobby for better rights.”

Dids Macdonald OBE, CEO of ACID, says: “No-one knows more than Rob how heart-breaking it is when one’s ideas are taken blatantly and the law, as it stands, does not appear to support him and others like him, so I very much welcome his advocacy in the continuing fight for fair competition and a strong IP framework which will support design champions, something which is in the DNA of the UK and about which we excel.”

Nearly 20 years after its first launch, last week also marked the launch of ACID’s Advisory Council, of which Trunki is represented by IP officer, Laura Breen. The objective, by bringing 16 industry representatives together, is to provide strategic guidance in line with ACID’s mission, vision and objectives.