A new 100% export furniture fair will take place in September 2016, by the same organisers of the 3F Famous Furniture Fair, to be named Dongguan 3F Export Furniture Fair or 3F Export in short. 3F Export will be take place in Guangdong International Exhibition Center, Dongguan, China, where the International Famous Furniture Fair Dongguan is held every March and September.

“3F Export Fair is a show that the market wants,” commented Alex Lin, general manager of Dongguan Famous Furnishings Import & Export Exhibitions. “Guangdong is the furniture producing center in China. Furniture exported from Guangdong accounts for over 40% of total furniture exported from China. There are thousands of furniture producers in Guangdong. They crave for a furniture fair organized at their home base in the second half of the year. That is where International 3F Export Fair comes in.”

Wu Weicheng, the owner of Dongguan Yangcheng Furniture Group, is a great supporter of the new export only furniture fair: “Comparing showing in other cities in or outside of China, of course, I would like to show in Dongguan, where my company is headquartered. Since my factory is based in Dongguan, it is obvious that participating furniture show in Dongguan can save me exhibits transportation cost, exhibition space setup cost and sales team travel expenses. And more importantly, the saved cost means that I can offer better prices to my customers.”

According to the organizer, 3F Export will be 100,000 sqm in size and will showcase residential furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, and home accessories. Upholstery will be a major component, taking up about one third of the total exhibition space. “We want 3F Export to be a one-stop sourcing destination for international buyers,” commented Alex.

“Our idea is to create a furniture fair for international buyers, who are in constant search of quality products at competitive prices at lower sourcing costs. So on one hand, we charge our exhibitors space rental fees which are one half or one third of the prices of other established furniture fairs in China.

"When our exhibitors can participate at lower costs, they can sell at lowers prices of their products to international buyers. On the other hand, we are offering unprecedented travel support packages to international buyers inclusive of complementary hotel rooms, meals, airport pickups, and airfare subsidy to reduce their sourcing costs. We want our international buyers to walk into 3F Export Fair with confidence that this show is for them, the exhibits are 100% for export and they no longer need to compete with local Chinese visitors for chances to speak with sales people in the stands with products of their interests.”