Set to be launched in September, the Furniture Industry Research Association's Furniture Design Toolkit (FDT) aims to provide designers with the tools needed to incorporate ergonomics, user trials, standards and legislation into the design process behind the creation of domestic furniture. This domestic edition complements the first toolkit, launched in 2013, which covered contract, hospitality, educational and office furniture. The Furniture Design Toolkit for the domestic sector is the only design resource to contain this valuable information, provided by industry experts.

“Furniture designed for the domestic market is usually influenced by the latest fashion and trends, but as consumers become more aware of how furniture can impact their health and wellbeing, ergonomics is fast-becoming a key consideration for manufacturers,” explains Levent Çaglar, chief ergonomist at FIRA International and co-author of the new toolkit for designers of furniture for the home and specialist furniture for elderly and bariatric users.

Levent continues: “Consumers are looking for something that is visually pleasing, fit for purpose and comfortable. Ergonomics is not usually considered for domestic furniture, but it is already widely recognised as highly important in the workplace, so there is an argument that it should be just as important in the home. I am urging designers to make it one of the essential considerations when designing furniture for the home. The FDT provides designers with tools and guidance to help them concentrate on creating fit for purpose, ergonomic, yet visually attractive, and desirable products which also meet all standards and are ready for market.”

"What consumers need is a good fit between form and function. We need an aesthetically pleasing design, which also incorporate good ergonomics. We need a sustainable design, using environmentally-friendly materials and production methods, and we need modern designed furniture, to complement new house designs, all that at an affordable price."

The launch will take place at an exclusive event on Thursday 24th September 2015 at London’s Olympia, during 100% Design. Following the launch, the FDT will be available to download from FIRA's website as an interactive PDF, free of charge to members of the Furniture Industry Research Association, or for £90 for non-members.