One of the fastest growing names in the bed industry, Mammoth Technologies, owned by husband and wife team John and Jennifer Tuton, is keeping it in the family with the appointment of Paul Tuton as systems developer. In addition, Jennifer’s aunt, Marie Hindmarch, has been appointed as customer relationship manager and training co-ordinator.

A leading UK systems consultant, Paul’s new role will be to ensure that Mammoth's use of IT will support and promote the company's growth in an efficient and cost-effective way. He will continually analyse and re-evaluate Mammoth's evolving business systems requirements, and to implement IT solutions that will support those requirements. He has worked for a number of international and blue chip companies and he is also featured on the wall of fame at Hull University where he recently gained a Masters in systems.

Founder and MD, John Tuton, says: “Keeping the business family-oriented is really important to me and I think it reflects the company’s values. The Mammoth brand is growing rapidly so we need a strong team in place as a solid foundation to support that. One of our core business aims is driving innovation within the bed industry so we have a demand for qualified, skilled people. My father is a leading consultant in his field and utilising his skills within the business will massively contribute to achieving our aims. We’re also delighted to bring Marie on board who is managing our new sales system which has been developed to ensure the best and most efficient customer relations.”

Mammoth, which produces niche specialist mattresses, clinically proven to enhance sleep, recently moved premises to Cobalt Business Park, Cobalt, thanks to huge growth over the past three years. It has some of the UK’s biggest retailers on its books including AHF, Furniture Village and Selfridges and many independent retailers. 

Paul says: “It’s great to see what a success Mammoth is and I’m proud to now be a part of it. It’s a privilege to work alongside John and building something that will support the future of our family.”

The company is partnered with various health, educational and sporting authorities, including Professor Jason Ellis, the world’s only professor of sleep science; the British Athletes Commission; the Chiropractic Patients Association; the English and Irish Players Associations; plus a large number of elite sportspeople.

Mammoth mattresses are made with ‘exclusive to Mammoth’ medical grade foam and are Class 1 registered medical devices with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority MHRA. They are British-made with all manufacturing facilities based in the UK.