Fitness model and UK body building champion, Carly Thornton, has become the latest sportsperson to join Mammoth’s professional endorsements.

Thanks to the health benefits of Mammoth mattresses, Carly, alongside many other athletes, including Olympic gold medallist, Greg Rutherford and Paralympian Danny Nobbs, has turned to Mammoth products to recharge and recover.

Carly competes with the UKBFF/IFBB in the body fitness/figure category and has represented the UK at the IFBB Europeans and Arnold Madrid. With a heavy training schedule, sleep is essential to her lifestyle and career. She says: “I always train heavy. Coming up to a competition, I do weights four times a week and this slowly progresses to six days a weeks to increase calorie output.

“I have a lot of back discomfort and in general I am a bad sleeper. I can’t function or recover without adequate rest and this is vital both off-season and during competition time. Being tired massively affects my training so being able to rely on a mattress that improves sleep quality is essential.”

Mammoth is the only mattresses of its kind in the industry clinically proven to improve sleep following an extensive study from the company’s director of sleep science and research, Professor Jason Ellis, who is a professor of sleep science.

John Tuton, MD and founder of Mammoth, says: “We use advanced medical grade foam in our products which accommodates imbalances in body heat, sweat, hydration and circulation. Medical grade foam doesn’t use heat to work – just the body’s weight and shape. So it doesn’t feel hard in winter and soft in summer, doesn’t raise body temperature and doesn’t discourage movement while sleeping, allowing for the 50 to 60 shifts that the body needs to make in the night.”

Thanks to stringent testing, Mammoth mattresses are Class 1 registered medical devices with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) and have many testimonials and affiliations with various health, educational and sporting authorities. They include the University of Northumbria Sleep Science Centre, the Newcastle University School of Bio-Sciences, the British Athletes Commission, English and Irish Rugby Players Associations and the UK Chiropractic Patients Commission.

Mammoth mattresses are British-made with exclusive to Mammoth medical grade foam and all of its design and manufacturing facilities are based in the UK.