The second annual John Lewis Retail Report launches today, exploring a year's worth of shopping data to reveal why and what consumers bought, and how they bought it in the last twelve months.

Never before have shoppers been so comfortable with browsing and buying on their tablets and smartphones. On average, over 50 per cent of web traffic to now comes from mobile devices.

The rise of mobile shopping has seen more people making purchases in the early hours, with online sales between the hours of midnight and 6.00am up 31 per cent over the past year.

While mobile has become increasingly important, the ability to mix and match purchase channels and delivery options is now the norm. However, around 70 per cent of all sales still take place in shops.

As well as exploring the nation's shopping habits, the John Lewis Retail Report provides rich data on the nation's zeitgeist. For instance, this was the year that customers invested in their sleep. Duvets and pillows increased 20 per cent and 18 per cent respectively.

Andy Street, MD of John Lewis, says: "It seems fitting that in our 150th year as a retailer we are reflecting on the nation's shopping habits. Since our first shop opened in 1864, John Lewis has a barometer for changing trends and tastes.

"This year's report is even more insightful than last year's, with richer data, including new sections, such as how the nation shops for its children. We hope that in years to come people will turn to our report for a nostalgic glimpse of the trends that shaped the nation's shopping habits."

The John Lewis Retail Report is created every year and is based on real data, which comes from the many thousands of customer transactions which take place every day on its website and in its shops. The report is available here.