Award-winning designer-maker Sebastian Cox will be occupying the windows of Heal’s Tottenham Court Road store this weekend, and using the space to tell a story about British hardwoods.

As part of Heal’s Made for You campaign, which celebrates the quality of handmade and bespoke craftsmanship, Cox will be showcasing the skills that go into crafting his new five-drawer tall boy.

Exclusive to Heal's, the bespoke tall boy allows customers to have drawers constructed from any of ten selected species of British hardwoods – ash, oak, chestnut, beech, sycamore, London plane, walnut, cherry, elm and hazel – and if they wish, they can place an order with the sales team in-store.

As keen supporters of the Grown in Britain campaign, both Heal's and Cox strive to celebrate and showcase all timbers grown in the UK. As well as being a beautiful piece of furniture, Cox's tall boy has the added bonus of being able to educate the public on the merits and properties of individual British timbers. It also fits perfectly with the Heal's Made for You collection, which allows customers to change the dimensions or finish of select pieces, guaranteeing unique furniture.