Exhibitors from Feria Habitat Valencia, Cevisama and FIMMA-Maderalia have improved their business opportunities by 90.54% thanks to being held simultaneously. This is the final conclusion of the data presented by the chairman of the executive committee of Feria Valencia, José Vicente González, who was pleased with the outcome of the fairs held between the 11th and the 14th of February.

Gonzalez explained that these exhibitions received a total of 119,853 visitors, representing a 7.26% increase registered in the last editions of all the fairs, when held separately. Of these 119,853 visitors, 18,343 are foreigners, from 155 countries.

The chairman of the executive committee stressed that Feria Valencia scheduled the simultaneous celebration not only to gain size, but because they were convinced that visitors to each of these fairs were also interested in visiting the others.

"The data has proved us right. These 119,853 customers have visited two fairs in many cases, even three. That has meant that if we add the visitors received in each exhibition – more have traveled to other fairs – it gives us a total of 212,901 visitors. 90.54% more than the sum of the last editions separately," said Gonzalez.

According to official data, Feria Habitat Valencia has received 24,712 visitors registered as their own customers. In addition, another 33,076 visitors from Cevisama attended the Habitat event, and 8,785 more from FIMMA-Maderalia. So, the confluence of exhibitions contributed to Habitat an extra 41,861 visitors which brought the total figure to 66,573, representing a 109.9% increase compared with the last edition. 80% of architects, interior designers, decorators enrolled in Cevisama also visited Feria Habitat Valencia.

Next year's show will be held from 9-13th February.