Premium bedding specialist, Snuggledown, has given its website a makeover, as part of its bid to capture a greater share of online traffic.

The revamped site, which features a pared-back, contemporary design, boasts a host of new features, including a comprehensive products listing page, helpful sleep tips from Snuggledown’s resident experts, a news page, live Twitter updates, and stockist information.   

Neil McMillan, sales and marketing director for Snuggledown, says: “Snuggledown is a luxury product, so we really wanted to make sure that was reflected across all of the brands product and marketing literature. The new site is much more streamlined, easy to navigate and in-line with the simple elegancy that epitomises the brand.”

The new-look website forms part of Snuggledown’s digital marketing push, aimed at widening its profile among a younger audience. As well as investing in a new website platform, the brand has also recently launched profiles on Twitter and Facebook, which are gaining a fledgling fan-base.

Neil continues: “While Snuggledown does not distribute directly to consumers, we’re aware of how important it is to provide essential points of contact for people who want to ask questions, let us know their feedback, and generally interact with the brand. We’ll continue to update the website with insight from our in-house sleep experts, as well as offer advice and sleep management tips via our social media channels."