Bed specialist Rest Assured has unveiled a new-look consumer website aimed at supporting retailers by allowing customers to find their ideal bed and directing them to a stockist in just three clicks.

The enhanced functionality will allow customers to search for specific bed features, narrowing down their product search by size, firmness, fillings and specific needs. They will then be directed straight to a local or online retailer who stocks the product that they have selected. The site also includes an enhanced customer review section, underlining the brand’s commitment to customer service and quality control by featuring feedback from customers to reassure buyers in their decision-making process.

The ‘ask us’ section will support retailer communications by educating customers about the breadth of the Rest Assured product range and explaining the features and benefits of specific products.

Sally Hotchin, brand manager for Rest Assured, says: “Our new customer website has been revamped specifically with our retailers and customers in mind. The new features will ensure that customers can find a product that is right for them and buy it from their choice retailer. Our stockists benefit as all traffic to the site is efficiently directed into a purchasing environment, which is important for us as we don’t sell Rest Assured direct to consumers.

“Our enhanced customer review section is testament to the quality of all our products, with almost all our beds receiving at least four stars out of five.”