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By Furniture News Oct 05, 2020

The Big Question: How do you make your staff feel appreciated?

What do you think? From emerging trends to the latest business principles, Furniture News is setting out to gauge the trade’s feelings on a variety of industry-specific topics. Today, we’re asking: "How do you make your staff feel appreciated?" 

Steve Pickering (Sussex Beds): Of course, you can highlight great work and effort with thanks and reward, but, actually, simpler gestures can be more motivating – such as acknowledging good morning, goodbye or, even better, providing them with your time to talk and listen

Simon Ainge (Kettle Interiors): Include them in as many of the company’s plans as possible and encourage their feedback to help evaluate and improve on what we do

James Hudson (Gallery Direct): We have a one-team approach – everyone is ‘in it together’ to achieve one common goal, which helps achieve high levels of motivation. We are very team-oriented, with a friendly, inclusive atmosphere in which to work. As we are constantly growing, there is real opportunity and potential for staff to progress

Jerry Cheshire (Surrey Beds): I now have only two staff, so we work closely and share responsibility. They are rewarded well when business is good

Mike Murray (Land of Beds): We have an open forum with all staff members every Friday morning where we discuss anything we feel has worked/not worked in the week. Staff can talk about anything they wish and ask the management team about anything they want to know about. We then promise to try and sort out any problems/issues by the following week’s meeting. We also have a ‘star of the week’ award for people that have gone above and beyond during the week – they are rewarded with a little gift and presented with a certificate at the Friday meeting. At the end of the year the individual who has received the most star of the week awards is awarded ‘star of the year’ and presented with an extra-special gift. We also hold an annual staff recognition celebration where we give out awards such as employee of the year, contribution of the year and rising star awards 

Tom Bourne (Select First): We’re a small team here, but it’s about treating people with respect, valuing their input and working together to get the job done to the best of our ability 

Paul Galley (Symmetry CGI): I’m keen to show my appreciation directly when good work has been done (apparently, it doesn’t carry any weight if you thank someone retrospectively!). We have drinks and play pool at the pub on a Friday

Peter Harding (Fairway Furniture): Bonus schemes related to specific performance, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and communicating what the business is doing and why to all team members

Rob Scarlett (Scarlett Furniture & Print): I only have one intern. I have them round for dinner occasionally!

Kate Pilling (January/Manchester Furniture Show): Praising good work and connecting with them on a personal level. When we are on top of our work I make sure that we spend time going to industry talks and events to get a balance between office and ‘on-the-ground’ experience. As part of a large company, we are made to feel appreciated with summer and Christmas parties/events

Steve Adams (MattressOnline): A simple ‘well done’, creating a positive feedback loop, is the simplest, most cost-effective and rewarding motivational tool

Thomas Small (TCS Imports): I always say please and thank-you! I’m very close to my staff. As a small team, we’re always courteous to each other, and I keep people in the loop on company developments, so they feel part of the team

This article featured in the March 2020 edition of Furniture News magazine.

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