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By Furniture News Sept 16, 2020

A spirited initiative from Mattress Online's CEO

By day, mild-mannered Steve Adams is the CEO of Mattress Online, one of the UK’s largest bed and mattress etailers – out of hours, he’s even more measured …

Out of hours, I help support, grow and develop my new venture, LUXLO Spirits, a range of lower-alcohol and lower-calorie spirits. We’re starting with gin, but extending shortly to vodka and rum.

I became involved in this business primarily because I missed the excitement of working for a start-up business, and it falls into my areas of passion – health, wellbeing, and enjoying a drink socially.

It asks that I commit to many late evenings and quite a few weekends – all in all, I average 15 hours a week. At the beginning, when I was single, this was easy – it’s more of a challenge now, however. Thankfully, I have a very understanding girlfriend!

I’m most proud of creating a unique product that tastes amazing and may just change how we perceive what is normal when choosing what spirit to drink. Who says a gin has to be 40% abv when it tastes the same – I would say better! – with half the alcohol?

I’m fast becoming an expert in sleep and alcohol (both very enjoyable). In 10 years’ time, it would be awesome to still have influential roles in both businesses. They do have synergy – improving wellbeing by making good sleep more accessible, whilst helping to reduce alcohol consumption.

I have learned that both industries are difficult to break into, very close knit – but, equally, friendly and supportive.

You might not know this, but LUXLO has been a close personal project, and as such I have hidden a clue to another passion and hobby of mine in the bottle design. I will happily send a bottle of LUXLO to the first person who messages me with the correct answer!

If you want to know more you can visit our website or follow us on Facebook @luxlospirits and Instagram @luxlospirits.

This interview was originally published in the March 2020 issue of Furniture News magazine.

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