The 32nd edition of Modef Expo, to be held from 4-8 November 2014 at Hikmet Sahin Cultural Park International Exhibition Center in Inegol, Turkey, has a strengthened network of agents in the countries with objective forecasts of development and therefore of investment, and will bring together the Middle East, North Africa, Turkic Republic countries, Balkan States economies and others.

Modef Expo and international marketing and visitor promotion partner Antexpo made connections in more than 30 countries (Iran, Iraq, UAE, KSA, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Tunis, Kazakhstan and others) to promote the show in order to attract VIP buyers in the furniture industry.

Last year, Modef Expo 2013 presented the latest trends and designs in furniture with 145 exhibiting companies and labels. The fair has reached out to thousands of key buyers from targeted visitor markets and was visited by 2454 foreign visitors from 62 different countries. A record number of VIP buyers were hosted by the organizer with free accommodation for three nights, free transfers from Istanbul, free breakfast and dinner and free fair shuttles.

During 2014 exhibition, visitors will be able to discover the wide range of products and unique samples that reflect both modern and classical design themes, and also understand why the heart of the Turkish furniture sector is in Inegol.

The registrations of international buyers has started and Modef Expo 2014 visitor forms must be filled in attaching the business card of each buyer. Visitors can contact AntExpo to apply for the hosted buyer programme. Buying groups are also welcome, and recieve group advantages.

The furniture industry in Turkey is very dynamic and this has resulted in the international competitiveness of the Turkish manufacturers, particularly when it comes to quality, design and price. At present, around 25 percent of the USD 6 billion furniture production in Turkey is marketed across global markets.

Inegol constitutes 35% of this and the aim is to hit £1b in exports. With more than 260 large-scale factories, 1000 showrooms and 1500 production centers, Inegol has maintained its position as the largest furniture producer and exporter in Turkey. Current export statistics show that there are around 1300 Inegol furniture companies exporting their products to over 110 countries across the globe.

Modef Expo is primarily for those companies who are looking to purchase a wide range and the best quality of products at low rate. Inegol extracts its raw materials from its own resources and most of them are in high-class quality. The region, therefore, produces the goods at low cost; this applies in setting of the export sale price less.

The location of Turkey, on the other side, makes international transportation convenient to link European countries, Turkic Republics and Middle Eastern countries. This also makes the fair a gathering platform for these countries to get involved in future business actions.