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By Furniture News Nov 03, 2022

Chinese forum considers the industry's future

On 26th October, the AGM of China-based global industry group, the World Furniture Confederation (WFC), and the associated World Furniture Forum, were held online.

Xu Xiangnan, chairman of the WFC and CAFA and president of the CNFA, started the meeting by summarising the challenges facing the global furniture industry, saying: "China is the second-largest economy and biggest developing country in the world, and she undoubtedly brings lots of opportunities to the world and offers other developing countries China’s solutions to achieving self-reliance."

Linda Tu, secretary general of the WFC, vice-chairman and secretary general of CAFA, VP and secretary general of CNFA (pictured), then summarised the confderation's work in the past year, before stating: "The WFC will continue focusing on international exchange and catch opportunities to organise offline events, start building a world-class furniture industrial cluster as a development sample for the world, organise international furniture import exhibitions to stimulate the global market, and gather furniture innovation solutions from around the world and distribute them among member countries for industrial sustainable upgrading at the global level."

Concurrent with the AGM, the World Furniture Forum invited speakers to share their knowledge and insights about the global furniture industry.

Speakers included: Alessandra Tracogna, partner and senior market researcher at CSIL; Francesco Nguyen, vice chairman of HAWA; Jarno Seppälä, MD, Indufor Oy; and Keika Lee, director of regulatory affairs, IKEA Range and Supply.

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