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By Furniture News Jul 01, 2014

Dutch design on display at Autumn Fair

The Home Interiors & Furniture section at Autumn Fair International will see significant expansion at the next edition, will have its own themed entrance for the first time this year.

Occupying hall 2 and part of hall 3 of the show, a strong contingent of overseas exhibitors will be led by an eclectic mix of design-led Dutch suppliers, helping to make Autumn Fair a more inspirational destination for furniture and interiors buyers.

Danish company Chic Antique and British bellwethers that include Coach House, Sifcon, Pacific Lifestyle, Authentic Models, Clayre & Eef, Besp-Oak Furniture, Camelot Pictures and J & B International will be joined by Baroque International and decorative lighting and home accessories specialist Light & Living. The latter has a regular presence at mainland European trade events and has chosen Autumn Fair as its launchpad into the UK market.

Light & Living will offer an inspirational wholesale concept in decorative lighting and home accessories. An in-house atelier in the Netherlands, the company designs and creates a part of the extensive collection, with the rest produced in India and other parts of the Far East. 2014 will be the first year the company has exhibited in the UK.

Light & Living marketing director Leontine van Dijk says: “We’re very excited to do so! We believe that because our collection is so broad, there is something in it for everybody. That’s why we are now exporting to over 70 countries, including the US, and that’s why we believe people in the UK will be excited about our products as well.

"Of course, we do already have clients in England, so we do see they enjoy our flea market and country style. But even though we see that some products and styles are more popular in specific countries –yellow colourways in Germany, pink and red in France, black and gold in Italy - we also see that all products are sold in every country”.

On the subject of which style suits which particular nation, she remains open minded, however: “And who’s to say that every Englishman prefers an ‘English’ interior? Just as the Netherlands is associated with tulips and windmills, England is associated with cottages and countryside. But of course we are both much more than that, and we believe the personal taste of the English customer isn’t that narrow either. Everybody likes variety, right? We think the English retailer will be pleased to see the variety in this collection.

"Just as the Netherlands is associated with tulips and windmills, England is associated with cottages and countryside. But of course we are both much more than that"

“We take pride in the fact that you are free to make your own choices, it’s even in our philosophy. For example, we sell lamp bases and shades separately. Of course, our stylists make suggestions for what might fit nicely, but if customers want a different kind of combination they are perfectly free to order as they please. When it comes to style, there is no right or wrong, just your own.

"Ever since Rembrandt, van Gogh, Rietveld and Viktor and Rolf, Dutch design has been popular all over the world – but Dutch interiors are mainly popular for the minimalistic and innovative style which puts a smile on your face. Our products aren’t generally very minimalistic, although we do have a very modern product line (Berlin) with simple shapes and materials. However, our products do put a smile on your face. For example, we have some new products with a link to sports and old cars.

“Since we have never before exhibited in the UK, everything in our collection is new to English retailers. We have a standard collection, which is supplemented with a new collection twice a year. This year our new collection features many tonnes of bronze, gold and copper. We have beautiful glass and great small furniture with leather. The first reactions in the rest of Europe are very enthusiastic so we have good hopes for this fair as well!”

Autumn Fair International 2014 will take place from September 7–10th at the NEC, Birmingham and is free to trade visitors. The Volume Hall opens one day early on Saturday 6th September.

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