Transparency to customers and taking care of the environment is of the utmost importance to leading global bed brand, Sealy UK, which in recent months has taken the necessary steps to satisfy ever-changing consumer demand with two new initiatives – the launch of an ingredient list for all brochure models and a zero-to-landfill policy.

In a move to become completely transparent with its products, Sealy’s ingredient list features a full product declaration - a new initiative that takes inspiration from food labelling. This bold move allows buyers to educate themselves on the ethical and quality components that go into making a Sealy mattress.

Already known for its production of high-quality mattresses and beds, this new pledge demonstrates how the company has set out to raise the bar when it comes to offering premium products to the UK, and enhance its position as an innovator within the market.

Environmental footprint is also an important issue to the bed brand, and where practical Sealy seeks to exceed all relevant regulatory requirements and minimise any adverse environmental effects caused by its activities or products.

Indeed, Sealy has pledged to reduce waste to the lowest practical level whilst pursuing a zero-to-landfill policy. The environmental impact of all its operations are continually assessed, and the brand works to minimise the use of materials, resources and energy where necessary, while aiming to design products in such a way to minimise their environmental effect in production, usage and disposal (of course, Sealy has no way of monitoring or controlling what happens to its mattresses once they are purchased).

Neil Robinson, sales and marketing director of Sealy UK, says: “It is remarkable and illogical that you get more information about the contents of a bag of crisps than you do in a mattress that may cost you more than £1000.

"At a time when consumers are expecting full product disclosure on everything they buy, we felt that it was time to be completely transparent about exactly what goes into our mattresses. As part of this conscientious policy, we’re extremely aware of Sealy’s environmental footprint and are fully committed to designing our products in a way that will minimise their environmental impact.”