Sofa retailer Sofology has launched a £22m CGI advertising campaign in a move to change market conversation.

The Little Things brand campaign, voiced by actor and writer David Duchovny, launched across TV and digital channels from 20th August.

The ad, which uses extensive CGI, brings to life the small components and molecules of a sofa. It focuses on all of the little things that make up a piece of furniture, from craftsmanship to attention to detail, the stud detailing or plush cushion filling. 

Jason Tyldesley, Sofology CEO, says: “Sofology lead on design. We create inspiration in the key market thematics. Comfort is subjective and sofas are personal. We are a business that cares about long-term value for customers and have a team of Sofologists that are dedicated to finding a sofa that suits our customers perfectly.”

The campaign was created by independent creative agency, Brave. Exclusive product ranges are at its forefront, including the Persia and Emperor, as well as new product to be announced in October.

Andy Leadbetter, CMO at Sofology, comments: “Many people choose their sofa based on an offer, price or deadline. 43% of people regret that choice. Considering you sit on your sofa for a good 7-10 years, it’s imperative that our messaging supports the comfort of our customers.

“We want to change the conversation around sofas to be more customer focused. We understand that the little things in life, like sitting down on your sofa at the end of a long day, are crucial to how people feel. There is beauty in the little things around us.”

Watch the ad here